Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Jodi Cobb (National Geographic) 2001

T.O.P., which publishes 363 days a year, is officially on hiatus Dec. 24th and 25th in observance of Christmas. See you on the 26th, when we will begin our countdown to January 1 with our Offbeat, Indefensible and Highly Unofficial Best of 2006 Awards. (We're taking the two days off to try to think up a better name for the awards.) In the meantime, Merry Christmas* one and all.


*Or Happy Hannukah, Season's Greetings, Good Kwansaa, Grievous Festivus, or any holiday salutation of your choice—whatever, we wish you and your loved ones luck, health, good cheer, togetherness, blessings, contentment, and long life.

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